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Dental X-Ray in Flower Mound, TX

What are Dental X-Rays?

Sometimes, there could be a problem below a surface that can be difficult to detect. But with the help of x-ray technology, we can see what’s going on under the teeth, gums, and bones to diagnose the problem.

The x-rays we use in our office are safe for people of all ages because they use minimal radiation. They detect issues like impacted teeth, bone loss, cavities, and many other problems.

Why would Dental X-Rays be Needed?

If you’re in the office for an emergency, you might need x-rays. It could be for surgery or to diagnose an issue. Aside from invasive procedures and emergencies, most people get x-rays at their checkups every six months.

With these images, we can monitor any changes and treat them. Our x-rays are very effective and safe. And it detects any problems that may crop up with your teeth and gums. 

Who’s a Candidate for Dental X-Rays?

All patients are candidates for dental x-rays. Minimal radiation is used, so getting the images are 100% safe.

The benefits of getting x-rays done outweigh any negative effects that radiation can cause. Most times, when you have dental appointments, you should expect to do x-rays. This is to enable our dentists to make sure that your teeth are healthy and that there are no other major issues to worry about.

Dental X-rays will see to it that your teeth are not decaying and that any repairs you have done in time past are still good. If you require x-rays, the best hand you can trust is Active Dental Flower Mound.

Dental X-Rays in Flower Mound, TX

We’ll put a lead apron on your body to protect you from radiation. A small device is put in the mouth on top of some teeth. The x-ray machine will be angled toward the device.

Then, the x-ray image is taken and sent to our computer screens. This image is reviewed at your appointment for any problems underneath your tooth. X-rays may be needed before surgery or when we suspect a problem.
Also, the x-ray may be needed during other appointments so we can see what’s going on under the teeth and keep a record of any changes.

Dental X-rays are safe and will make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. They ensure you don’t have any recurring problems. And when you do, we will be able to diagnose the issues.

If you need to do x-rays or want to know more about the procedure, give us a call today. We are in the best position to answer your questions and schedule an appointment with you. 

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