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Root Canal in Flower Mound, TX

Root Canal Treatment in Flower Mound

When the pulp inside a tooth gets infected or is exposed, a root canal is done to save the tooth. This happens when a tooth cracks, splits or has a cavity that hasn’t been fixed for a long time. During the operation, the pulp; a part of the tooth with nerves and blood vessels, is removed. Root canal therapy could help you maintain your tooth structure and prevent extraction.

Why is a Root Canal Needed?

Often, a root canal is needed for two reasons. The first is deterioration, which is the most common. If you neglect cavities for a long time, they will eventually break down to the point where the pulp is exposed. If the pulp of one of your teeth is exposed because it is broken or chipped, you may also need a root canal. The pulp should be removed in both cases to stop pain and sensitivity. 

Candidates for Root Canals

Root canals should be performed as quickly as possible for anyone who needs them. This ensures that any pain or sensitivity you’re feeling goes away while protecting the tooth’s health. We can take x-rays and perform a dental exam to determine if you need a root canal. If you’re in pain and think you might need a root canal, don’t hesitate to contact us. A root canal is safe for anyone, and you’ll have more trouble if you wait longer.

Root Canal Procedure in Flower Mound, TX

We start by putting a topical anesthetic on the area of the mouth where the root canal will be done. Next, a rubber dental dam is used to keep the tooth from moving. Finally, the pulp is taken out of the tooth after all of the decay is taken out.

Before a medicine is put in the root canals, they are cleaned properly. Then a filling is put in the tooth, and you’re good to go. Many people think that getting a root canal is much more difficult and takes more time than it actually does. Nonetheless, It is helpful because it removes the pulp, reduces irritation, and eliminates the need to extract the tooth.

How to Know when you Need a Root Canal?

You may constantly feel pressure or pain in your mouth, and your gums may swell and be very sensitive. If you have any of these signs, it’s clear you need to be checked out and treated right away. Sharp pain when you bite down on food is another marker of pulp tissue damage. You might feel pain for a long time after eating hot or cold foods, which is a sign of a possible risk. If you spot any of the signs mentioned, you should go to the doctor right away. If you require a root canal and want to schedule a meeting, please call us immediately so we can address any concerns you may have. 

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