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Invisalign and Clear Aligners in Flower Mound TX

What are Invisalign and Clear Aligners?

If your teeth are misaligned or crowded, we suggest orthodontic treatment to help you have the best smile. Not only can orthodontic problems change how your smile looks, but they also make it difficult to have clean teeth.

We are here to provide you with the best dental treatment using clear aligners called Invisalign. No one will know you’re wearing braces because our clear aligners are almost unnoticeable.

Why are Clear Aligners Needed?

If you have crowded or misplaced teeth, we recommend orthodontic treatment to help you have a perfect smile. With orthodontic issues, it is not easy to maintain clean teeth, as it can alter how you smile.

By using clear aligners, also known as Invisalign, we can provide you with the best treatment. Since these clear aligners are almost invisible, it will be difficult to tell if you are wearing braces. 

Who Can Use Clear Aligners?

The best people for Invisalign are teenagers and adults. This is because they can be committed to wearing their clear aligners consistently. Aligners should be worn day and night for about 22 hours for the treatment to be effective.

As a result, kids may not be able to wear their Invisalign aligners consistently for the duration. This can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. Also, the patient should be able to come for regular check-ups and not miss any orthodontic appointments.

Invisalign Treatment in Flower Mound TX

To be able to design a unique treatment plan to suit patients, we conduct an examination, consultation and x-rays. Then, we take impressions and molds of your teeth, which will be used to make your first set of clear aligners.

We will also teach you how to either remove or replace the aligners. You are to remove the aligners only when eating or brushing your teeth. It is cleaned or rinsed just the same way as orthodontic retainers. With the help of Invisalign treatment, you can have that perfect smile you have always desired.

If you need orthodontic treatment and are eager to know more about Invisalign, then give us a call today. We will answer all your queries and, at the same time, book an appointment for you.

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