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Emergency Dentist In Flower Mound TX

What is Dental Emergency?

Dentist emergencies can happen at any time and for any reason. If you have poor dental hygiene, are fond of biting into a hard piece of food or even tear and wear can lead to a dental emergency that needs urgent medical attention.

This treatment is always available to new and old patients in Flower Mound. It is necessary to treat dental emergencies immediately to prevent pain, suffering, and severe dental problems.

Why is Treating your Dental Emergencies Necessary?

When you neglect to treat any dental emergency, the issue can get worse. A simple problem can worsen and become infected or lead to a more intrusive treatment. This is why every patient with a dental emergency should be examined immediately.

Expecting the problem to go away on its own is unrealistic, and many people find that the pain worsens over time. Call our office now if you are in pain and need to see a doctor.

What are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

We see a lot of different dental emergencies every day. And we provide our treatment in a comfortable environment where no one will judge you. Some of the most common problems we treat are:

  • Severe pain and toothache
  • Abscesses and infection
  • Fractured, broken, cracked or chipped dentition
  • Orthodontics emergencies
  • Post-surgical complications
  • Unsuccessful dental home care (DIY tooth removal gone wrong)
  • Swollen, tender or bleeding gums
  • TMJ difficulties and pain

What to Expect from our Emergency Dentists in our Flower Mound, Texas Office

When you visit our clinic, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. You will be given a seat in one of our examination rooms so we can start treating your dental emergency right away. Then, we take an x-ray of the problem area to be able to view what is going on beneath the surface.

This is done so that we can find out what the problem is. With this, our staff develops a treatment plan that will aid in treating your dental emergency as soon as possible. And if there is an infection in the problem area, we will recommend using antibiotics for a short time before proceeding with your treatment.

Our goal is to help relieve patients of all ages of any pain they feel by providing proper dental emergency care as soon as possible.

Sudden loss or tooth breakage is one of the most common dental problems that need immediate treatment that we encounter always. This is often caused by an accident or trauma. Even though dental accidents are not always fatal, you should still see a dentist to prevent tooth loss and preserve your smile and oral health.

Even small chips and breaks can cause nerve damage if bacteria build up in the soft pulp inside the tooth. If this condition is left untreated, it could cause long-term damage. In addition, these small chips and cracks might be more than just for fancy. If you delay and the germs multiply, you may need a more expensive procedure like a root canal or implant.

Collins St Dental is the best choice if you need an emergency dentist in Flower Mound, TX. We have longer office hours and are open on Saturdays, so you don’t have to endure pain when you experience a dental emergency.

Call our office immediately if there is an emergency, and our friendly staff will be on the line to book your appointment. So don’t endure that pain; see our doctor today.

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